Navigation Tips

Interested in the Bootcamp but need support on making it work for you? Here are my 3 recommended roads through the Bootcamp material.

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Set aside 1-2 weekends to do the Bootcamp. Watch half the videos (1-5) one day/weekend and do the corresponding exercises. Do the second half (6-10) in the second day/weekend. For those ready to power through!

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One video per day - for ten days straight. See how each session builds on itself like a strong meditation practice. Best for those with stamina who can keep up the momentum and push through the mid-way hump!

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For those who feel like ten is a commitment, dip your toe by purchasing videos individually and watch the content that most applies to you. Chew on one, come back for more when you’re ready. Upgrade to the full Bootcamp any time.


For a FREE SNEAK PEEK of the Bootcamp content, CHECK OUT VIDEO NUMBER 2: “Distill Your Brand”!