= all the tools to build a standout brand

set of 10 video tutorials with downloadable workbook:

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This video introduces you to why brand is so powerful and take you through the process agencies would use to build your brand. It shows you how to access this information without the hefty price tag – and give you the precise formula used by strategists to position brands. This video covers more fully what you can expect throughout the Bootcamp, and how these tools can serve as an accessible way to DIY build a kickass brand.

12 mins 53 secs + workbook exercises


2: Distill Your Brand

This video focuses on the backbone of any strong brand: your “why”. Why do you do what you do? Why would anyone care? It shows how a strong why leads to brand power – offering a roadmap that helps you make decisions as a company, talk to the right people, and break through the competition. If there is one video I want you to watch, it’s this one – which is why it is free!

12 mins 51 secs + workbook exercises



This video covers your consumer. It explains the importance of moving from a general to a specific idea of who you’re talking to. It gives you a brief rundown of audience segmentation from the industry perspective: What is it? How do people do it? Why do they do it? It shows you techniques for moving into your consumer’s shoes – to listen to and understand them as real people. 

13 mins 22 secs + workbook exercises


4: Break through the Competition

This video is the first of two to talk about how we think about competition (see also Video 8). It establishes why breaking through the competition is so important in today’s landscape. I show you the difference between thinking about the competition from product and brand perspectives. This video builds on the work from previous videos to set you up for crafting a truly differentiating message.

9 mins 58 secs + workbook exercises


5: Harness a Cultural Conversation

This video shows how harnessing a cultural conversation can be the key to having a voice, relevancy, and differentiation in a crowded marketplace. It walks you through three strong brands, all small and mid-range, and how they’ve managed to tap into culture to amplify their message. It offers you thought-provoking questions for to get you thinking about what big-picture story you might be ready to tell.

11 mins and 10 secs + workbook exercises


6: Follow Your North Star

This video shows you how to take all the insights from the previous videos and wrap it into a clear brand positioning strategy – i.e. the job for your brand in the marketplace. Through clear examples, it shows you how to take all the elements and craft a way forward with clarity and confidence. It shows you how your brand can be a north star for everything you do as a company.

13 mins 26 secs + workbook exercises


7: Spark Your Brand to Life

Time to get creative! This video talks about the difference between your brand’s strategy (internal intentions) and your brand’s creative expression in the world. It shows how some of our most iconic brands use a powerful creative idea to bring their brand to life. It techniques to start getting inspired and landing your brand’s “big idea”.

14 mins and 14 secs + workbook exercises



A continuation of video 4 where we first talked about the competition, this video introduces you to my magic formula created to help you stand out from the pack. I walk you through an imaginary brand I’m creating to show you how I would apply this formula to create a product that both speaks to your consumer’s emotional need, meets their expectations of your product, and yet offers something no one else is offering. Give it a whirl!

14 mins and 8 secs + workbook exercises

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This video is a roll-call of “dos & don’t’s” of branding and building a business. Picked up from years of observation working with clients, this video talks both the hyper-tactical (“what do I do on social media?”) to the quasi-spiritual (“is purpose or profit more important?”). This video is designed to help you avoid common traps and also reframe larger attitudes to building a business today.

13 mins 57 secs + workbook exercises



This is an essential video for early stage brands trying to navigate the actual building blocks for building a brand. This video walks you through the essential elements you will need, and offers advice for what you should outsource and what you can do yourself. It shows how to apply all the work from the Bootcamp to guide tactical decisions like colors, and newsletter content, and even how to hire.

12 mins 5 secs + workbook exercises